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Affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
Phone: 0863-2250096, Fax: 0863-2256211
Most Rev. Dr. Gali Bali
Other Actives
bullet Extension Programmes
bullet Remidial Edcuation
bullet Mentor System
bullet Soft Skills
bullet AICUF
bullet Enviro - CLUB
bullet Alumni Association
bullet Parents - Teacher's Association
bullet AIACHE
bullet Xavier Board
bullet Career Guidance Cell
bullet Women's Cell
bullet Anti - Eve Teasing Cell
bullet Evening Study Circle
bullet Gymnasium
bullet BOMI Board
bullet Suggestion Box
bullet Universal Prayer Room
bullet Games
bullet Canteen
bullet Day Scholor's Centre
bullet Future Plans
Other Activities
Extension Programmes
Extensitopon programmes are undertaken by the college to help the poor and the needy on humanitarian grounds. The primary objective of this programme is to extend assistance to the development of local poor people through awareness and training programmes and offering some help in the areas of awareness, health, sanitation, education, etc. and thereby to instill the idea of service motive in the minds and hearts of students. The college adopts a neighboring village or slum and helps the poor through the above-mentioned activities.
Remedial Education
Remedial Education forms a very important aspect of education. Remedial classes are arranged at the end of two weeks and after the completion of the syllabus in all the subjects for students who do not fare well in their respective subjects and need extra help to keep abreast with the rest of the students in the class. Special coaching classes are also conducted for those who are weak in studies.
Mentor System
Staff members are involved in guiding the students in their academic and personal life. The students are divided into small groups of nine in each year and each group is entrusted to a member of the teaching staff who will be its guardian or mentor and continue to be so for the same set of students throughout their years of study. These staff members meet the students at regular intervals. They enquire into the progress of the students in their studies and guide them in making use of the facilities available in the campus. Students facing any problems can approach the mentor and seek his or her help.
Communication and Soft Skills
In order to make the new entrants confident with the medium of instruction as English, an intensive teaching of English is envisaged in each semester as a part of course curriculum. This provides opportunities for the poor students and those from rural and backward areas to update themselves and to cope with the prevailing trend in the Information Technology and Management industries.
All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) -a national student movement, helps the students to gain maturity through leadership camps, awareness programmes etc. so that they can involve themselves fully in the task of creating a new society. AICUF stands for the service and liberation of the human persons, as Jesus did, irrespective of caste, sex, language or belief. It is a student movement started in 1924 at St.Joseph’s College, Thiruchirapalli (TN). Today, this student movement is very active in 13 states of India. AICUF is affiliated to International Movement Of Catholic Students (IMCS) and it is recognized by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI) as a Youth Movement in the Church. AICUF students affirm their solidarity with all those engaged in the struggle for peace, human and democratic rights. They recognize and respect plurality of cultures, religions and ideologies contributing to the growth of human beings who have been created in the image of God. As citizens of India and an integral part of a nation striving to discover a new identity and to build a new and just social, economic and political order, the AICUFers draw their inspiration from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, in their attempt to build, in solidarity with men and women of various faiths, a new society in tune with the needs and aspirations of the oppressed masses. The slogan of AICUF is: “We were born in an unjust society and we are determined not to leave it as we have found it”.
ENVIRO club is formed with the aim of giving training to the students in environmental, educational and ecological awareness and preparing them to act as agents of environmental protection. It teaches them to live in harmony with nature and to develop a love for it. It prepares and moulds people to become environmentally conscious.
Alumni Association
All the students who have studied in Christu Jayanthi Jubilee College are members of the Alumni Association and are encouraged to involve themselves in the programmes conducted by and for them. Every student who leaves the college after graduation is registered in the association. The alumni meeting is convened once a year for sharing information about themselves and planning to extend help of various kinds to the needy and the poor in their neighborhood of the college.
Parents-Teachers' Association
Parents-Teachers' Association was started in this college in the year 2005. The parents of every student are the members of this association in addition to the teachers of this college. The general body meeting of the PTA is convened once a year. PTA plays a supportive role in the running of the college and its members involve themselves in the overall development of the students as well as the college.
All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE) plays a pivotal role in promotional research and training. It helps poor students and researchers financially. It sponsors various personality development seminars to the students and teachers and also organizes programmes to the students and staff to participate in the centrally arranged seminars and workshops. Through such varied programmes, it tries to maintain a standard in teaching, learning and research. AIACHE is also a trendsetter in the domain of education.
Xavier Board
The Xavier board is a body of educationists, set up under the inspiration of the catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, for the catholic colleges in India, in order to assist them in fulfilling their mission as catholic colleges. Colleges shall mean catholic institution of higher education affiliated to an Indian University and other institutions accepted by the board.The objectives of the Xavier Board are educational and they are as follows: 1. To promote and safeguard the interests of Catholic institutions of higher education in India, especially in their capacity as Catholic. In particular: a) To help in perceiving and achieving the specific objects of a Catholic Institution of Higher Education in contemporary India. b) To aid the colleges in the spiritual, religious and general education of the college community, by undertaking and/or promoting training programmes, refresher courses, research etc; 2. To concern itself with the spiritual and religious well-being of the Catholic students and teachers in other institutions of higher education and offer these institutions such Christian service as may be found desirable; 3. To co-ordinate, whenever desirable, the activities of the colleges in order to bring about greater union and effectiveness; 4. To represent, if need be, the special interests of the colleges before the Government, University or other bodies concerned; 5. To provide a link between the colleges and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India. 6. To collaborate with other institutions having similar objects, concerned with higher education, including ecclesiastical studies; 7. To promote directly or indirectly, the welfare of institutions engaged in higher education in India.
Career Guidance Cell
There is a fulltime Placement Officer in the college who helps our students to find placement. The Placement Officer is in charge of the Career Guidance Cell. He is in constant touch with various companies in order to initiate on-campus and off-campus recruitment and summer internship.
Women’s Cell
Women’s cell is open to all women students and the members are registered on request. It aims at the following: a) Bringing awareness among women for their socio-political rights in the society. b) Bringing awareness to the rural folk for their role and importance in the society. c) Developing communal harmony and inter-personal relationship. d) Concentrating on the health, childcare and medical camps in the urban and rural areas
Anti-Eve Teasing Cell
Anti-eve teasing cell is open to all and the members are registered on request. It aims at the following: a) Ragging/Eve-teasing of any kind within the premises is strictly prohibited. b) Unusual or unacceptable behaviour towards women students will be handed over to the management for the strict disciplinary action.
Evening Study Circle
Christu Jayanthi Jubilee P.G. College is very proud to have an evening study centre. There are a number of students who want to study well and are not able to find a conducive atmosphere. Even those who stay in some hostels outside, find it extremely difficult to find time and suitable climate to concentrate on their studies. The facilities of the college are thrown open to such students to come over here and study peacefully and quietly, particularly in the evenings and during holidays.
Sound mind in a sound body is a well-known saying. Human being is body and soul. It is not enough if the intellect alone is trained. The college takes to heart the physical well being of the students. The mini gym is a proud possession of this college. The students can come here and do various exercises to keep their physique fit. A visit to the GYM not only fine-tunes the body but also ventilates the mind. It certainly enables the students to concentrate better on their studies. We have heard of “An apple a day will keep the doctor away”. We can also say “A visit to the gym will keep the doctor away”.
BOMI Board ((Board of Miscellaneous Information)
BOMI stands for Board of Miscellaneous Information. The purpose of the BOMI board is to display various kinds of posters, which would be of help to students for inspiration, motivation, guidance and relaxation. We live in the era where there is knowledge explosion. Not all information is obtained within the four walls of the classroom. The student has to have recourse to other avenues to augment their knowledge and information. Bomi Board is one such avenue wherein students are exposed to thought provoking cartoons, catchy phrases, which are very often, brain teasers. It is a board of miscellaneous information. The Bomi Board aims at overall and total formation and education of students.
Suggestion Box
It is very imperative that clear channels of communication are established in a college. In our college, we have well-established channels and structures of communication. Over and above this, we have a suggestion box, in which the staff and students can place their suggestions. This suggestion box is a golden opportunity to place their suggestions so that appropriate and speedy actions are taken on the suggestions. The philosophy behind the suggestion box is that "two heads think better". Since education is a collective venture, it is important that every opportunity is provided for consultation and dialogue.
Universal Prayer Room
India is a cradle of great religions and cultures. The strength of this country is unity in diversity. The people of different religions and cultures live in amity and peace is really a marvel. It is imperative that students are deeply rooted in their own faith and reach out to others with a sense of universal brotherhood and sisterhood. This college has a universal prayer room to instill this value of living in harmony. The prayer room has religious symbols of fourteen major religions of the world. It is a room wherein anybody following any faith can come and pray individually or collectively. A place of higher learning needs to have a space of this kind wherein one can be away from the maddening crowd and soothen one’s body and mind. Now, we live at a time when the national integration and unity are in real danger since people fall an easy prey to religious riots. To ward off this danger, young men and women are to be trained in religious harmony. To achieve this goal, this prayer room will go a long way.
As study is important, other facilities to keep the body fit are equally important. Our aim is to provide all round growth and development to the students catering to the different aspects like intellectual, moral, spiritual, emotional and physical. Holistic formation is not possible ignoring the physical dimension. It is a proven fact that many of the diseases are psychosomatic. They are connected with the body. So in order to develop a good physique and ventilate the mind, the college has excellent facilities for outdoor and indoor games. Even to study better, such avogations are a must.
Modern life is so full of activity that there is no time for parents to take care of all the needs of their children. When the students spend six to eight hours in campus, their needs of food, snacks and beverages are to be taken care of. It may not be possible and feasible to carry everything from home to the college. So canteen facility is a must to meet the needs of the staff and students. Going to canteen breaks the monotony of serious study and also offers excellent opportunities to know each other and to strike meaningful and lasting friendships which may stand in good stead. This college has a good canteen facility which provides hygienic and healthy food items.
DayScholar's Centre
The college is proud to have a Day Scholar's Centre which takes care of the recreational needs of the students. In their free time students can relax here. Above all, students coming together and chatting to one another is the significant activity . The centre is a fitting place to take time off from serious issues in life and be just there to relax the body and mind and even develop ever lasting friendships.
Future Plans
As a growing centre of higher learning, this prestigious institution has plans of expansion in terms of Research and Development and exchange programmes with universities of repute within and outside the country. Our college of excellence will strive to reach out to as many as possible specially in rural areas to provide the needed technology of information and scientific know-how. In the present day context of globalised economy, computer and information technology play a vital role. Moreover for Multinational and transnational marketing, communication technology based on computer know-how is an inevitable component.
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